Contemporary medical acupuncture (CMA) is the science- and evidence-based form of acupuncture. A CMA provider goes through a careful examination and decides on a selection of acupuncture points, which focuses on restoring an individual to optimal function. The objective of contemporary medical acupuncture and its physiological effects are as follows:

1. Analgesics (Pain-Relief) - It helps to raise the pain threshold to treat individuals with pain disorders such as back pain, arthritis, etc.

2. Sedation - Caused by a decrease in delta and theta waves. This helps treat individuals with insomnia, anxiety, addictions and behavioural problems.

3. Homeostatic/Regulatory Effect - Regulates and balances our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which are involved in rest and digestion and our body’s fight or flight responses.

4. Immune-Enhancing Effects - Increases the body’s antibodies.

5. Psychological Effects - Calming effects from the mid-brain’s reticular formation. Increases the release of dopamine for a positive, “feel good” effect.

6. Motor Recovery - Aids in the recovery of a patient through a bio-feedback mechanism at the spinal cord and also within the brain.

By achieving these objectives, acupuncture can enhance the effects of chiropractic treatment and the healing rate of an individual, so they can quickly return to optimal function.