25 days left till I leave

So I haven’t really kept track of too much of my training unless if you’ve been following my instagram page which is here.

But… OMG!! I leave in exactly 25 days. It’s pretty crazy that it’s come so soon. I remember just booking my trip for in June and here we are… mid-September. It’s kind of surreal right now. So I’m going to give you a quick run down of what I’ve done so far for my training sessions so far…

  • 40-45 mins of cardio (stairs or cycling)

  • 95-145lb back squats (20reps/set. 5 sets)

  • Walking forward lunges (15 reps/set. 5 sets)

  • Reverse lunges (15 reps/set. 5 sets)

  • 135lbs sumo deadlifts (10 reps/set. 3 sets) occasionally

  • Body weight dips for triceps/lower pecs (10 reps/set. 4 sets)

  • Leg raises (20 reps/set. 5 sets)

  • Lat pull downs 80-115lbs (8-15 reps/set. 4 sets)

  • 35-55km bike rides (1x/week)

  • 14km hike at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (3.5hr hike)

Some days my knees are aching. Some days I feel pretty awesome. I’m hoping to keep up the feeling of being awesome and carry it over to when I’m travelling over there.

So I’ve almost got all my gear ready. I just finished my last injection for my vaccinations. I’m just waiting for my hardshell and insulated jackets. Here’s a list of what I’ve had to bring so far:

  • 22L day pack

  • 90L weather resistant durable duffel bag

  • 1 all season sleeping bag

  • 1 pair of hiking sticks

  • 2 pairs of hiking trousers

  • 1 pair of insulated hiking pants

  • 1 pair of hiking shoes

  • 5 pairs of merino wool socks

  • 1 oilskin wide brim hat

  • 1 merino wool beanie

  • 1 waterproof hardshell

  • 1 insulated jacket

  • 1 light jacket

  • 2 dry fit long sleeve shirts

  • 1 waterproof winter gloves

  • 1 quick dry liner gloves

  • 16 granola bars

  • 3 electrolyte gel packets

  • 3 electrolyte gummies packets

  • 2 head lamps

  • 1 solar powered battery bank

  • 1 water bladder (3L)

  • 1 Life straw included with a water bottle (1L)

  • 1 scarf

  • 3-4 dry fit t-shirts

  • 5 pairs of dry fit underwear

  • “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi

  • 1 extra change of clothes for flying back to Canada.

  • 1 travel lock

It seems like I’ll have everything I need for this hike. I’ll have to get a picture of everything at some point and post it on here because I’m sure that there’s a bunch of things that I’m forgetting on this current list. I’m hoping it doesn’t go over the bag limit and that I don’t lose any of my gear in the transfer of flights.

Anyways, I wanted to give an update on where I’m at with my training and my gear preparations for this upcoming trip. It’s going to be an amazing trip, but it’ll also be an incredibly mentally tough trip as well. I’m looking forward to it.

Anyways, if you don’t see any posts on this blog definitely check out and follow my Instagram page. I definitely post on there more frequently than on this blog. Again here’s the link to my Instagram page.