As a patient, you have the right to expect that your health provider will provide…

  • Ethical conduct of practice
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Compliance with the Ontario regulations, guidelines and standards of practice as it pertains to the health provider you are being treated by
  • Respectful, honest and clear communication in ALL aspects of care
  • Relevant, safe, and supportive patient-centered care
  • Accurate and comprehensive records
  • Timely and relevant communication and/or referrals to other professionals
  • Full disclosure of the clinics policies, procedures and fees as it pertains to your individual case

As a patient, your responsibilities to your health provider are to provide…

  • Honest, accurate and full disclosure of all pertinent health information
  • A cooperative commitment to your treatment plan
  • Constructive feedback (positive/negative) regarding all aspects of care
  • Compliance with clinic policies, procedures and fees
  • Courtesy and respect for the clinic environment, staff, and other patients
  • Up-to-date contact and insurance information